• Grupo de investigación en Administración y Economía del Turismo

    Grupo de investigación en Administración y Economía del Turismo

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Artículos publicados

  • Alonsoperez, M.J., Brida, J.G. and Rojas, M. (2022). Second homes: a bibliometric analysis and systematic literature review. Fortcoming in Journal of Tourism, Heritage & Services Marketing
  • Zapata-Aguirre, S., Meleddu, M., Melis, G., & Pulina, M.,  (2019). Expectations and service quality: perceived performance at low-season events. International Journal of Event and Festival Management.
  • Zapata-Aguirre, S., Seijas, M.N. y Del Chiap, G. (2017). Travelers Satisfaction with Food and Beverage Services in Airports. Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management (E), 26(8), 829-845.

Capítulos de libros

  • Brida, J.G., Lanzilotta, B., Segarra, V. y Zapata, S. (2022). Exploring dynamic relationships between air transportation and economic growth in South America. Chapter in the book Airlines in Developing Economies.Chapter in the book Airlines in Developing Economies.Volume 10 in the series Advances in Airline Economics.
  • Zapata-Aguirre, S., López-Zapata, L. y Mejía-Alzate, M. L. (2020). Tourism development in Colombia: between conflict and peace. Tourism planning and development in Latin America, 49-65.
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  • Zapata-Aguirre, S., Riaño, E., Pulina, M. y Brida, J.G. (2016). Cruise passengers in a homeport: A market analysis,  Understanding Tropical Coastal and Island Tourism Development. Routledge. ISBN: 9781317645580

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